Success and Screwups

First, the mishaps. The screwups. The WTFs up with my gardens.

My vegetable garden? My beloved, belabored vegetable garden? Well, it’s not having the relationship with me that I had hoped for. I put in a lot of work early and expected reliable payoffs. Nah, no such luck.

Vegetable Garden, June 2016


Spinach, June 2016


More…Dying…Spinach, June2016

So, I have no success in that stupid vegetable garden. But I do have luck with the edibles. They’re just all herbs! Wonderful as they are, you can’t make an entire meal or even a whole dish out of herbs. (Well, you can, but only 1 in 4 in the house would eat it. Moi.)

The successes. The gorgeous, glorious successes.






Mexican Hyssop


Kousa Dogwood, planted this year, 2026



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